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We hope this guide will help connect you to the local support you need. This is for informational purposes only and inclusion in the guide does not imply recommendation or endorsement. We do our best to ensure all information is accurate and up-to-date, but please contact the resource directly to verify. If you find something needs to be changed, please let us know!

how to use

Feel free to select as many or as few categories as you'd like; it isn't necessary to make a choice for each search criteria.

services provided:

  • NOTE: We have made every effort to include providers that have extensive experience and training in perinatal mood disorders and/or pregnancy/infant loss. However, when options are limited, we have also included providers that don't specialize; this is to make sure everyone, regardless of location or ability to pay, has access to at least some supportive services. Training will be made clear under the "details" section of each provider.

  • Counseling: Therapy provided by individual, private-practice counselors or community mental health agencies.

  • Support Group: Groups led or moderated by either a trained mental health professional or by peers with similar experiences.

  • Peer Support: Support by non-professionals, in-person or online, who have experienced a mood disorder or perinatal loss.

  • Infant Mental Health: Home-based therapy for expectant or new parents with a mood disorder, history of trauma, or struggling to bond with baby. The focus is on creating a strong parent-baby relationship.

  • Psychiatry/Medication Management: Someone who can prescribe medications and monitor your treatment.

  • Parenting Support and Education: Parenting or pregnancy classes or home visiting support that addresses perinatal mood disorders.

  • Birth Doula/Postpartum Doula: Doulas provide emotional support and advocacy during pregnancy and birth, and for the first few weeks after birth. Doulas help you to make empowered, educated decisions during birth and have been shown to result in better mental health outcomes and birth experiences. Postpartum doulas can help you around the house after birth.

  • Breastfeeding Support: Difficulty breastfeeding can cause a lot of frustration and may trigger emotional difficulties. On the other hand, mood disorders can also affect our ability to breastfeed. We've included just breastfeeding support people with a background in support parents with a perinatal mood disorder.

  • Birth Recovery: Individual and group support to process the experience of a difficult or traumatic birth.

  • Grief and Loss Support: Individual and group support after the loss of a pregnancy or baby.

  • Inpatient or Intensive Outpatient Services: Hospital-based day or overnight programs specializing in perinatal mood disorders.

Locations Served:

  • Select the county where you live or would be willing to travel to for services. If you live near the edge of one county, you may want to try searching in nearby areas as well.

Payment options:

  • Select your insurance type (private or Medicaid) or if you'd prefer services that are offered for free or on a sliding scale. Some private practice therapists fall under "no insurance," but if you have private insurance, you may be able to submit your receipts for some reimbursement. 



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